F5 | 王老吉「我的回家路」
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Open WeChat and scan the above QR code to experience ‘The Journey Home’.










The biggest mass human migration in the world occurs around the lunar new year in China. Millions of people will crowd into all kinds of transport in order to go home and celebrate the occasion. Most will travel by car or bus.


To mark this occasion, Wang Lao Ji, China’s leading and most celebrated traditional herbal drink brand collaborates with Baidu to launch a virtual go home experience.


The Journey Home is a web-based application that incorporates Baidu Maps street view and GPS systems.  It generates a unique video featuring street-view journey from thousands of points in China. Shanghai-based independent agency F5 created and produced The Journey Home.


How it works:

1. User enters the start and end point of the journey.

2. The AI system will generate a unique 30 seconds video by gathering data from Baidu Maps street view and real GPS navigation. Itll then compile these data into a time-lapse video for a virtual feeling of the users complete journey home.

3. An option is given for sharing on WeChat and Weibo.


For added fun, users can choose from an array of filters and music options.

More than 1.6 million users went home virtually and shared their journey in the first 2 days of launch.