F5 | 福建旅游委「让世界看见福」
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这支宣传片希望将福建的福分享给全世界,因为正如电影《荒野生存(Into the Wild)》中男主原型Christopher McCandless的人生感悟:“只有分享,幸福才会真实。(Happiness only real when shared.)”


Using technology, F5 added new ingredients to Fujian Provincial’s tourism commercial.


The protagonist is an American born Chinese maker. As asked by grandpa, he went back to grandpa’s hometown for the word of blessing with an AI panorama camera. Technology helped him to complete the mission without difficulty, enjoy Fujian’s local traditional cultures, and understand the true meaning of blessing.


As Christopher McCandless wrote “Happiness only real when shared”, this commercial encourages people to share blessings with the world.