F5 | 百度Apollo「让爱你的人睡着」
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According to survey, 20% of fatal truck accidents are related to fatigue driving. Caring about the safety of over 30 million truck drivers in China, Baidu has developed Apollo Driver Fatigue Monitoring System.


At the “Baidu World 2017” event in Beijing, Baidu launched the Apollo Driver Fatigue Monitoring System with a spot created by F5. The spot is titled as “Do not Fall Asleep, and Let the Ones Who Love You to Fall Asleep”, which added humanity to Baidu’s world leading AI technology.





At the 2017 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, Baidu’s Founder & CEO Robin Li began his speech titled “Smarter World, Better Life” with this spot.



2018年戛纳国际创意节,在主题为“Driving Ahead of AI Curve”的对谈中,百度着重介绍了这个体现品牌社会责任感及人文关怀的人工智能项目。


At Cannes Lions 2018, during the panel talk “Driving Ahead of AI Curve”, this project was presented to showcase Baidu’s advance AI technology combined with humanity and social responsibility.