Web 3.0 Football Match|OKX

Before the finals during the 2022 World Cup, OKX created an unprecedented night time football experience for fans with creative agency F5 Shanghai. The keywords are laser, breaking rules, and football.

OKX is one of the biggest global crypto exchanges by trading volume and a leading web3 ecosystem. It is also the sponsor of Manchester City Football Club and the McLaren F1 team.

The creative team transformed the O in OKX into the boundary of a football pitch, with K and X residing on the left and right of the pitch as the goals, combined with laser projection to create a light stadium.

After dark, in a post-industrial square, people of all colors gather here, with different races, identities, and genders. Some are listening to music, some are skateboarding, some are chatting, some are talking on the phone, some are drinking coffee, and so on. This is a metaphor for the multicultural and inclusive spirit that OKX promotes.

A laser projection breaks the dull atmosphere. The letters OKX appeared in the centre of the square. People find out that O can be kicked around. After different people kicked, someone kicked a big kick and the O hit K and X. After the collision, the O turned into the boundary of the football pitch and K and X were on both sides of the big O, turning into the goal. 

A child runs out to distribute OKX jerseys to everyone, and another child throws a football to everyone. The kids are a metaphor for the new force, and like OKX, they represent the future.

The group was divided into two groups to play a game. Whenever the football crosses K or X, a laser projection of the score, such as 1:0, 2:1, etc., will be displayed in the middle of the circle. After scoring, the player who scored the goal excitedly ran through the OKX field, high-fiving and hugging his team.

When the game was over, a player picked up his cell phone, and suddenly the WELCOME to WEB3 page appeared, and then the phone showed OKX Manchester City video clips. The player showed a surprised expression as if a door of infinite possibilities had been opened.

Adams Fan, Chief Creative Officer of F5 Shanghai, said: “As the leader of Web 3.0, OKX believes that the future of the football world may not necessarily follow the rules of the moment, because the rules are just a product of the times.” This special football game is a good example of the brand’s breakthrough spirit, as the new world of Web 3.0 is born from technological advances, and OKX has created this dream-like football game with the help of laser technology.”

Director Chris Read had a strong desire to shoot the film when he was presented the big idea. This style is his specialty. His style presents rich visual layers, a perfect blend of gritty and realistic with dreamy and surreal. Chris is a native Londoner who has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious brands and publications; including Nike, Hugo Boss, Adidas, i-D, Love Magazine, and Dazed & Confused.

Client | OKX

Agency | F5 Shanghai
CCO | Adams Fan
Account Executive | Louis Yang
Senior Art Director | Hua Yue
Director | Chris Read
Production | TJP