So You Can See What Truly Matters|Nreal Air

Try not to cry after watching this viral Christmas tear-jerker.

Multiple Cannes winners and now dynamic duo, Director Sune Sorensen and CCO Adams Fan, bring us a heart-filled message this Christmas. 

In what feels like an indie movie scene, we meet a family of four, who visits at an elderly home. They’re there for Nick’s grandmother but his dad, Sam, warns that she’s been getting worse. A heartbreaking moment later, we realize just how bad it has gotten when she can’t recognize her grand children, let alone her own son. Nick and Sam, who clearly don’t see eye to eye (Nick, an almost-adult-soon-to-move-out son and Sam, a somewhat-controlling-can’t-let-go dad) get frustrated and Nick storms out of there. Only... When he returns later that evening, the car is packed to the brim. He’s up to something... 

Director Sune Sorensen: “Working with Adams Fan, the agency and the client was such a joy. The creative collaboration was phenomenal because of the freedom of the project. The willingness to take chances, to shape the script, and to not be stifled by old formats or safe bets, was at the forefront from the beginning. This level of trust and engagement is rare today - and worth maintaining”.

London actors Orla O’ Rourke, Alan McKenne, Norma Attallah, Mila Lieu, and Raiko Gohara are in the lead roles of this rare ensemble piece about losing and finding each other. “As pandemic fears and isolation have ebbed this year, more people are finally ready to get out of their homes and go see loved ones in person. We wanted to remind everyone that memories, especially shared ones, can be the best gift to give your loved ones”, says CCO Adams Fan.

This campaign marks a larger effort from the agency and Nreal Air as part of their US product launch. The product, which features in the story in a very novel way, became a big focal point during production. “Usually, embedding products in a story becomes painful or clumsy at best. In this case, I actually loved the way it manages to elicit question marks along the journey, which - I hope - will keeps people engaged to the end”, continues Sorensen.

Adams Fan was a keynote speaker in Cannes Lions 2019 and both he, and Sune Sorensen, have received significant critical acclaim as well as global attention for other Christmas spots - e.g. Doc Morris “Take Care” and Teleflora. 

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Client | Nreal
AGENCY | F5 Shanghai
CCO | Adams Fan
Senior Planner | Irene Chen
Account Executive | Louis Yang
Senior Art Director | Hua Yue
Director | Sune Sorensen
DOP | Rasmus Heise
Talent | BN Casting, London
Production | Sorensen Films
Co-Production | Papaya Films
Editorial | CUT + RUN
Post Production | Televisor
Sound Design | Sine Audio
Music | Sorensen Films

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