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"Remy Martin open, good nature", let Remy Martell's popularity in Hong Kong and the mainland far better than Martell and Hennessy.

Nestle KitKat chocolate landed in Japan and the sales pounced above its weight. After investigation, it was found that the pronunciation of KitKat was very similar to "must win" in Japanese.

So, give people positive and beautiful psychological hints, the brand is easy to win the hearts of the people. Don, the creative director of mad men in advertising, blurted out the truth of brand building: "advertising should give people a sense of happiness!"

On the eve of the Spring Festival, ledongli used seven actions to find a breakthrough for brand marketing. Ledongli is an Internet fitness brand under Ali sports.

Briefing: AI sports are really attractive, but what's the matter with the Chinese new year?

Ledongli has a unique selling point: AI sports. Its principle is to provide users with a simple and fun new way of home fitness by using artificial intelligence algorithm and motion recognition technology. The intelligent sport represented by ledongli is the general trend. According to the Research Report of iResearch, the market scale of China's intelligent sports industry is expected to be about 18 billion yuan in 2021, and the industry scale will increase dramatically to 82 billion yuan by 2025.

However, the biggest challenge also lies in AI! We can't just talk about technology. Technology itself is cold and rational. Unlike procedural apes, the Spring Festival is lively and festive. What can we do to promote this wave of promotion, so as to arouse people's empathy and promote fission and download?

However, the biggest challenge also lies in AI! We can't just talk about technology. Technology itself is cold and rational. The general public is not like programmers, and the Spring Festival is lively and festive. How can this wave of promotion arouse people's empathy and promote fission and download?

Strategy: insert humanistic wings into technology

We believe that the marketing of technical products should find the answer from the humanities. Google and Apple have outstanding performance in this regard.

Google uses doodle on the search box to warm users around the world. Google doodle is a temporary change to the home page logo to celebrate festivals, anniversaries, achievements and outstanding figures. Google's first doodle was designed for the burning man festival in 1998 by founders Larry Page and Sergey bull. So far, more than 4000 works have been released.

Apple relies on technology to integrate humanities and ascend the throne of the most popular technology brand. It is in Apple's DNA that technology alone is not enough - it's technology married with library arts, married with the humanity, that yields us the results that make our heart sing. Today, Tim Cook, the successor, still holds this spiritual heritage in high esteem.

So, what humanistic spirit should the technological style fitness fabulous ledongli app be combined with this Spring Festival? We think the answer is self-evident. Good luck is a spring festival social culture that Chinese people can't refuse for thousands of years.

Creative step 1: rename the product and turn mediocrity into magic

Before advertising, make a good product! We gave ledongli good meaning. Squat, it looks like riding a horse, so it's called "win instant success"! High knees and lift them up step by step, then it was renamed “promoting to a higher position”. We renamed the seven actions in the app into a new saying of good luck and loved by everyone.

Jumping Jack——Bloom wealth

High knees——Promoting to a higher position

Arm circle - money rolling
Squat - win instant success

Back stretch - Happy New Year
Rhomboid stretch - soar to great heights
Waist movement - be in good luck

Around the seven actions, we set up dynamic filters, exercise voice packets and good luck explanation in the app. When users exercise facing the mobile phone, through action recognition, trigger the good luck effect, divide up millions of red envelopes, and truly integrate fun and Chinese New year into AI sports.

Squat triggers the "win instant success" filter

Stretch trigger "soar to great heights" filter

When the user completes the exercise goal, the blessing sound will sound again, and the user will get a corresponding good luck lot, which can be shared with wechat group, movements and Weibo.   Integrate the sophisticated and modern AI sport into the traditional explanations of lot, and those who see it will have good luck.

The project has been reposted by Ma Wanjun, Phoebe Zizi, super Saiya Jing, Da Ying and other fitness internet celebrity bloggers, which has effectively boosted the voice of the project in social media.

Creative step 2: Launch IMC campaign around products

After renaming the action and redesigning the user experience, we began to launch a round of IMC campaign around these two innovations. With the help of multiple online and offline contacts, the crowd coverage effect is maximized.

1 / theme video

We shot a short film with fantastic colors in a warm family living room. Ledongli app's high technology incarnates into a dynamic AI little man. The little man calls on the whole family to exercise from the mobile phone, teaches action essentials, recognizes actions and makes the athlete's good luck come true.

During the Spring Festival, in the living room, a voice attracted everyone's attention: Hey, don't sit all the time!

It turned out that the AI little man in ledongli app, asking everyone to get up and exercise.

The children go first and do a "squat" with the AI little man, which looks like riding a horse.

As expected, he did a "win instant success”

Dad then did the "jumping jack" like a flower in bloom.

He jumped out of "bloom wealth", and a green plant in his family bloomed big flowers.

The most awesome thing is Grandma's "arm circle".

Draw a picture of money rolling! The whole family catch gold coins together.

Finally, the AI little called everyone to use ledongli app to participate in AI sports, collect good luck lots and divide up millions of red envelopes, and really "move out good luck for the new year".

2 / theme Poster

Poster composition is shooting + illustration. We use flat style, which is in line with the design trend of technology brand. Flowers, bamboo, steeds, auspicious clouds, nine colored deer, shoe-shaped gold ingot and other traditional elements representing a good omen, combined with the livly actions of the characters, reinforce a strong atmosphere of good luck.

Put advertisements on light boxes, Weibo and Weixin moments.

3 / offline device

We set up a "good luck photo studio" in Hangzhou Ali Sports Center, which uses 50 cameras to freeze the user's AI sports heroic bearing. Do different movements to get the corresponding 3D good luck lot. In the new year, we should have both healthy physique and good luck buff without dead angle.

"Good luck photo studio" with circular structure

50 cameras 360 degree surround

Shoot the bullet time effect of the movie matrix

Users get 3D good luck lots and share them with friends.

Click to see how to play "good luck photo studio"

4 / subway charter

Charter Shanghai Line 2 to create ledongli good luck train. Line 2 connects Pudong and Hongqiao airports and Hongqiao Railway Station, which is the main transportation way for returning home during the Spring Festival. Ledongli will build each carriage into a one-to-one good luck carriage corresponding to the app, and send warm spring festival blessings to the returning people. For example, bloom wealth carriage: the people sitting in this carriage are happy in the Spring Festival, and have many red envelopes to spend casually.

Overall Charter of Shanghai line 2

Click to view the train effect

Enlightenment: regard humanity as the cornerstone and psychology as the lever

Brands get together, the budget is huge, and businesses of all sizes are very fierce. With the help of "science and technology + humanities" playing method, ledongli takes seven good sports as a breakthrough to realize a high-quality experience marketing and content marketing. This is reminiscent of Google, which has built the largest museum on the Internet called Google Art & culture. Together with more than 500 museums and art galleries around the world, Google uses its own street view technology to shoot the real scene inside the museum, so that users can watch the exhibition online through VR. As for why Google developed this product, it is generally believed that "this does not seem to be from a market perspective, but can be regarded as a measure to improve its own brand". 

Technology not only makes people look to the future, but also gives people the opportunity to feel the past. Skillfully use the humanistic lever to respond to the psychological desire of customers, and the brand has the opportunity to win the double growth of popularity and sales.

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