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This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, F5 launched a nationwide communication campaign for Luzhou Laojiao, "A Toast Moon Is Thicker", which consists of videos, posters and online interactions. Luzhou Laojiao is the birthplace of my country's "Luzhou-flavor" liquor.

The creativity focuses on the relationship between a toast and the moon rise. "Every time a toast, there is a bright moon rising, which represents the deep feelings of the person toasting." There are no lines in the film, only the melodious music slowly advancing in the night. "The beautiful emotions are self-evident. The blank lines can make everyone immerse in the wonderful mood of the sky and the moon." The advertisement was filmed in Sichuan and Shanghai.

The 15-second and 30-second brand videos were exposed on CCTV, satellite TV, cinemas, elevator frames, high-speed rail, airport LEDs, outdoor LEDs and other large-scale exposures.

In addition, the poster combines the artistic conception of traditional culture, with a huge moon rising from the sea, creating a yearning but unconventional Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere. Posters are widely used in outdoor media all over the country.

The design of the font "Toasting Cup Moon Zheng Nong" is quite thoughtful. The F5 designer standardized the font on the basis of multiple concentric circles. It closely fits the visual symbol of "full moon".

The core mechanisms of lighting the moon, generating greeting cards and lucky draws included in the online interaction are designed to cut the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion concept. As an important interactive element in brand liquor product marketing, Between friends and lovers, build a bridge of true feelings.

As one of China's oldest and best-selling liquor brands, Luzhou Laojiao has been actively embracing market changes, determined to explore and seek innovation, and at the same time adhere to its consistent craftsmanship.

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