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Pfizer is amplifying the power of science and technology, daring more courageously and inquiring more deeply to make what was once unimaginable into a reality. They continue to work in discovering breakthroughs that change people’s lives and open new worlds of medical possibilities.

For this year’s campaign, the challenge was how to highlight their innovative thinking, expert use of technology and groundbreaking science, and how these can provide biopharmaceutical innovations and experiences to people everywhere — even to those who live in far-flung communities. Only Tier 1-3 cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing, have easy access to services and facilities. People who live in remote villages have limited health knowledge, and education of health information is done using very traditional or “boring” methods. The topic of health is also very information-heavy, so F5 Shanghai had to spread Pfizer’s expertise in very unforgettable ways.

1,000 drones formed symbols, and thus acted like a health tips pictogram projected in the sky. Health tips could be seen by villagers and those who lived miles away. Pfizer also worked closely with the local health government to ensure that the symbols were truly relevant, customized, and useful to all villagers. There were six health tips — one for every member of the family — baby, child, mother, father, grandfather, and grandmother. During the performance, a narrator on-ground also provided more details to the audience about what the health symbols represented. There were also speeches to let people know more about Pfizer’s mission, the objective of the campaign, and how everyone can benefit from Pfizer’s innovative spirit, no matter where they lived.

To make sure villagers would always remember the health tips projected in the sky, Pfizer also made an H5 (HTML5) comic that featured these tips. The story was based on “Children’s Day,” a local festival and legend that featured monsters and diseases. This interactive comic ensured that villagers would never forget the medical tips Pfizer shared with them. Posters were also shared online to excite the audience.

F5 Shanghai Founder & CCO Adams Fan, said: “We’re so grateful that we were able to help Pfizer spread their innovative spirit to places as far as Baimiao village. We’ve always admired their innovative use of technology in pushing the boundaries of biopharmaceuticals, and so we hope that what we created together this year was able to change all these villagers’ lives for the better”.

Creative Lead Kelvin Co, said: “Pfizer unites transformational technology and cucng-edge science to create groundbreaking medical breakthroughs and experiences that change patients’ lives everywhere. This campaign was just one of the many examples of how they use technology to benefit all patients”.

Brand: Pfizer China
Agency: F5 Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Adams Fan
Creative Leads: Kelvin Co, Sarah de Joya Senior
Strategic Planner: Lluvia Chen
Strategic Planner: Lynn Xu
Creative Group Head: Enzo Wu
Copywriter: Yifan He
Art Director: Edward Hu

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