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The high-end brand of AI technology home appliances, COLMO, released the new air-conditioning product AirNext, hoping to effectively convey the advanced technology and multiple new functions of the product through a creative short video, including evolutionary iterations, which can be expanded with multiple functions, such as dust removal, allergic dust removal, and dehumidification , Humidification, fresh air, no wind comfort, AI self-cleaning, deodorization, etc. And the most technological breakthrough of this product is that the machine leaves an upgrade interface, which can adapt to new functions in the future.

The concept of technology is too new, and it is easy to fall into the misunderstanding of "technology first", blindly emphasizing technology, and create a work that the customer is proud of and the audience is insensible. How to let the public easily learn about the disruptive technology of AirNext? The famous "Schrödinger's Cat" uses analogy to help everyone understand quantum mechanics. "A Brief History of Time", which is popular all over the world, uses "listening to the sounds of cars on the road" as an analogy to the Doppler effect. Using analogy, we found that things became simpler. AirNext "upgrades without changing the machine", a machine can realize the upgrade of the air conditioner's software and hardware, which can be compared with the evolution of biology. Subsequently, the theory of evolution and Darwin's creativity came out.

We started with the historic moment of the legendary Charles Darwin showing the results of the global expedition to the public at the British Museum. Through the storyline of Darwin showing specimens collected from all over the world, the most exciting species: AirNext was introduced. And through Darwin's mouth, to convey to the public the core characteristics of products that can optimize the air in the process of evolution. At the same time, in order to make the story full of British sentiment, we not only researched historical materials, but also learned from British dramas with huge brain holes and very refreshing perceptions. We wrote the stories in a wild and unbelievable way. We also combined biology, machinery and electronics to create magical "species" and made them. Visual wonders evolved from the Big Bang and the heavens and the earth. In the role setting, we invited the powerful actor J.R. Esposito to perform Darwin, using the innocent boy with big eyes as a clue, and using three audiences to add interest to the advertising and bring out the various functions of the product. In terms of philosophical thinking, we pay tribute to Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey", endowing the metal monument with a metaphor and adding the concept of the big bang, which echoes the high-end brand tonality by enhancing the idea of advertising.

As soon as the film was launched, it was hotly discussed in the market. Many global marketing media such as Campaign Brief, Adobo Magazine, Best Ads on TV and other homepages recommended it. "To make the profound and boring technical knowledge and product function information completely interesting."

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