Tmall Global | Slack Off at Work

Tmall Global, China’s no.1 cross-border e-commerce platform, wanted to increase their brand relevance amongst their millennial consumers.

So for their new campaign, F5 Shanghai latched on an universal truth about the younger generation: almost everyone wants to slack off at work. 

On 12nd Oct. 2019, a working Saturday after Chinese National Holiday, F5 Shanghai launched a campaign that helped yuppies slack off and e-shop unnoticeably. How?

Step 1: Change Tmall Global APP's interface into working softwares, so you can e-shop at work without being noticed.

Step 2: Recommend 3 products from Tmall Global that can help people slack off and launch product posters drawn in a 'lazy' style.

Step 3: Launch office guide videos on how to slack off with the recommended products.

This campaign met the needs of young office workers who didn't want to work after the National Holiday, and also promoted Tmall Global’s new IP: Eye Opening Day. Eye Opening Day aims to reinforce Tmall Global's brand image as the most interesting imported goods expert.

According to F5, product is already advertising, and experience is an effective form of marketing. In addition to KVs and videos, 'Let's Slack Off at Work' also changes the APP interface by one click and presents imported products to consumers in a new and peculiar way, which makes the shopping experience more eye-catching.

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