F5 | 百度「安全回家」
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COME HOME SAFELY(安全回家)是百度的一个全国性项目,通过开发疲劳驾驶监测系统,保护货车司机的生命安全。由于国情特殊,疲劳驾驶是货车事故的重要原因,导致2016年有超过5000位司机丧生。百度利用人工智能技术解决这个问题。
COME HOME SAFELY利用多项人工智能核心技术来监测疲劳驾驶。发现轻度疲劳,系统会自动提高播放快节奏的音乐,让司机保持清醒;发现重度疲劳,系统会自动保警,并规划路线,把司机导航到最近的服务站。百度CEO李彦宏评价到:用人工智能技术,让所有的司机安全回家。
本项目获得2018年One Show China 1银1铜两座大奖 ,同时也获得2018年釜山国际广告节1座水晶奖。
COME HOME SAFELY is Baidu’s nationwide project that develops Driver Fatigue Monitoring System with AI technology to protect drivers’ safety. In China, fatigue driving is the main cause of truck accidents. In 2016, more than 5,000 drivers lost their lives because of fatigue driving.
COME HOME SAFELY makes full use of multiple core AI technologies to monitor fatigue driving. When fatigue is detected, the system will play loud music to keep the driver awake, when fatigue increases, the system will activate its alarm, and guide the driver to the nearest service station. Baidu’s CEO Robin Li commented: we use AI technologies to let all the drivers come home safely.
This project won 1 Silver and 1 Bronze at One Show China, 1 Crystal award at AD STARS 2018.