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创始人范耀威(Adams),戛纳国际创意节(Cannes Lions)金狮奖获得者,2018年得到APP推荐作者。个人微信公众号:小a乱弹。





2018年,F5以百度「安全回家」获得One Show中华创意奖1银和1铜;以宜家x腾讯视频「遇见未来的北鼻」获得釜山国际广告节(AD STARS)1铜3水晶;以中央电视台「妈妈的心跳」获得全国电视公益广告大赛金奖。


2017年,F5凭借百度「记忆眼镜」获得戛纳国际创意节2银1铜、釜山国际广告节(AD STARS)1银1铜、亚洲创意节(Spikes Asia)1银1铜。





F5 is an independent creative agency that combines technology and human insights to create heartfelt stories.


As the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of F5, Adams Fan (Fan Yaowei) is a Cannes Lions gold award winner, named by 2016 China’s Digital A-List (Campaign Magazine), and is former Executive Creative Director of DDB Shanghai.


F5 is the only creative agency that works with BAT (Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba) at the same time, so F5 has the knowledge and ability of technology, e-commerce and social networking. These three are the core elements of new retail. In addition, F5 also works with other industries’ leading brands, such as Wang Lao Ji, Starbucks, WeBank, etc.


In 2018, with “Come Home Safely” collaborated with Baidu, F5 won 1 silver and 1 bronze awards at One Show Great China Awards; with “Our Future Baby” collaborated with Ikea & Tencent Video, F5 won 1 bronze and 3 crystal awards at AD STARS and at China Public Service Ad Competition, “Mom’s Heartbeat” created by F5 won gold award.


In 2017, with “Know You Again” project collaborated with Baidu, F5 won international awards including 2 silver and 1 bronze lions at Cannes Lions, 1 silver and 1 bronze at AD STARS, and 1 silver and 1 bronze at Spikes Asia, etc.

Awards and Recognitions

Cannes 2017

2 Silver, 1 Bronze

Ad Stars

2018 | 1 Bronze, 5 Crystals

2017 | 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Spikes Asia 2017

1 Silver, 1 Bronze

The One Show

2018 | 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Our Clients



Ant Financial